July 26, 2009

Goodnight, wee apt.

Moving sucks.

Not only the actually physical part of packing everything in boxes, loading it all in a truck, carrying it all up the stairs to the new place, and unpacking all of it, but the emotional and psychological aspects involved--the act of leaving a familiar place full of a lot of great memories, for an unfamiliar place of full of nothing but your stuff, in boxes.

As all near-future posts will originate from the New Apartment, I thought I would take a moment to wallow in our bittersweet departure from 89 Trowbridge Street and reflect on our 3 great years in #21...

old 89

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July 15, 2009

Croghan Cocktails

After recently returning from a soggy gathering at the family camp in the outskirts of the Adirondacks, I thought I would drop a quick post to honor an old friend*.

Due to new ownership of the Genesee Brewing Co., and a little help from that pesky recession, this classic, regional, and--most importantly--cheap beer has apparently undergone a bit of a resurgence. Somewhat surprisingly, it's even gone so far as to replace all-time Grandma and Grandpa V. favorite PBR*--at least temporarily--as the can of choice at the family campfire just off of Erie Canal Road outside of Croghan, NY (world famous for their Bologna)

old can

While it is on the beer menu at Bukowski, I don't think it is readily available in these parts, as New Englanders seem to have their own favorites.

older can

If you see it, pick some up--"some" being a 30-pack. You won't regret it, unless you don't enjoy semi-mediocre beer.

Cheers to you, Genny Cream.

*I'm intrigued by the "age verification" gatekeeper in place to keep all of the underage beer-site surfers from accessing all of this mature content. No way they're getting past that kind of security. I'm just thankful that kids can still access the important sites without government interference--like the one about Croghan Bologna and this one.