October 31, 2008

Meat is Murder...

...tasty, tasty murder (link borrowed from The Silver Fox)

hobo nickname: Petey Lambhands

I haven't been posting much lately and I realized this past weekend, while LSB took photographs of me molding a mound of ground turkey into a loaf, that we have captured quite a few of those meatful moments over the past year.

the creation of loaf

So, I figured I that perhaps this was something to reflect upon and celebrate--a montage of meat, if you will.

sweet, spicy, and earnest

So, above and below are various photos of me as we make meatloaf, rack of lamb, and the famous Brady family spagetti sauce.

A near-perfect meatball

This has inspired me: everyone will be getting "meat of the month" calendars for Christmas this year.

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October 30, 2008

24 hours in Durham

Sunrise from the Courtyard by Marriott

Just about the only noteworthy thing to come from my brief visit to the Raleigh-Durham area (specifically: Durham) happened at the airport the morning of my return to Boston. Prior to this: I arrived, had a mediocre pulled-pork sandwich for lunch, stopped at Duke for a poorly-attended grad school fair, had dinner at a Mexican restaurant in a shopping plaza, and stayed at a perfectly-fine-yet-instantly-forgettable hotel. However, this morning I was a bit early for my flight, so I had a typical airport breakfast (a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit and orange juice) and wandered about the terminal.

RDU is your average medium-sized airport with the usual variety of locally-themed gift stores (in this case, an Atlantic Coast Conference store offering sweatshirts, hats, and shot glasses from Duke, UNC, NC State, etc.), national-and-local chain restaurants, and cookie-cutter "newstands" selling gum, Doritos, postcards of things I didn't actually see, magnets of Carolina kitsch, travel items, and magazines.

After a few minutes of idle browsing up and down the Terminal, I spotted what appeared to be your average airport bookstore and decided to stop in before my plane was ready to board. Almost immediately, I noticed something unusual about the place. Instead of the tidy spread of shiny bestsellers and the obligatory table of Oprah-approved paperbacks, I noticed slightly tattered covers and random arrangements bordering on disorder. What is this: "Rare and Collectible?" Could it be true--a used bookstore in an airport!? In that one moment, Raleigh-Durham totally redeemed itself. Then it was time for Zone 3 to board...

Used bookstore in Terminal A
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